Tuesday, December 9, 2008

December is finally here and with it the "cold" weather of San Francisco.  It seems that my thick skin I gained in the mountains has worn down.  But, alas, it is still (almost) winter.  Most trees are barren, with only their skins to protect them against the elements, this seasons seeds barely holding on.  One can now see clearly the elegant lines of the branches as they reach upwards towards the sky.  
Over a beautifully subtle glass of fermented rice and water, two people can connect, find a common interest and then from that create a new friendship.  It really is wonderful.  Thankfully for me, this happens all year long, not just in this season.  Being somewhat of a social butterfly, my job as a Sake Sommelier is perfect.  Floating around, talking about sake and life.  How lucky I am, and how grateful I am of the luck!
Sometimes it is about connecting with the person on the other side of the counter giving you your coffee.  Or maybe the bus driver, or the person standing in line with you at the movies.  Life is short and beautiful, opportunities for love an friendship abound and it could be sitting right next to you.

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