Saturday, August 1, 2009

Pure Realm

 Chemistry is a wonderful.  Not just because it draws lovers together but because it draws everything together.  Chemistry is wholy responsible for sake.  The incredible microbial exchanges happening create a most delicious elixir.  Each time my lips touch the glass, these days filled with Koshi no Kanbai "Muku."  Holy canoli.  Or should I say holy rice/water/koji/yeast-love.  Goodness.  Im always a big fan of sake and wine whose aromas tell you nothing about what it will taste like.  To me its very interesting that this one liquid could be so deceiving.  Kind of like a good version of when you think you are drinking water, but its really flat, room temp sprite.  Yuk.  
  Muku is this wonderful surprise.  Full aromas of rice, herbs, dirt.  I like dirt.  Once it hits the palate its almost like snow run off.  Clean, light, crisp yet this supple layer.  Mmm mm mm.  And this is when its chilled.  Warm the sucker and its like wrapping your favorite blanket around your soul.  Comforting, warm, amazing.  Just don't heat it too much.

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