Sunday, March 22, 2009

Thank goodness for Namazake

   Now, I know there are many who believe that namazake is not what sake should be.  I am not one of those people.  But, I can understand what they are saying....that perhaps the vibrant textures, brilliant juiciness overwhelm the subtle beauty of premium sake.  For me, I guess, its like having kids (which I do not, unless you include my bonsai collection), how can you love one more than the other?  Aren't they perfect in their own perfect little way?  So, lately, I just cant get enough of Harushika "Shiboribana".  Like it's pasteurized cousin, Harushika Junmai Daiginjo, this sake pairs gentle sweetness with bright acidity.  Add in a dash of depth and velvety lines, and POW! you got one yummy drink.  I recommend as aperitif mainly; with richer foods the loveliness of this fresh pressed flower would just get lost.  Happy sipping....

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